(Border Collie X Australian Shepard)

Everyone Meet Benny! 
Benny came to us at the end of June. 2010. He was born December.1st, 2009. He is a very handsome boy, that will always make you smile and laugh because he has so much personality. He loves playing with dogs, and is a big suck that loves attention. Benny is a Border Collie/Australian Shepard Cross. 
Benny is a very keen dog that loves to learn new things. He is very obedient, great with other dogs and has the cutest quirks! He LOVES to carry blankets around in his mouth and then fall asleep sucking them.

UPDATE: In August, 2012 Benny finally adopted his Forever Family. 
Benny and his new mom enjoy hiking and running outdoors amongst other outdoor activities. This goofball has fit in well with his owner and makes her laugh all the time with his goofy antics. He is a handsome dog, who is enjoys learning new tricks and creating amusement. There is never a dull moment around their house. <3


 (German Pincher)

We rescued Zeus back in the Winter of 2009 from a Vet Clinic where his owner surrendered him. Zeus was extremely scared of people and snappy at almost every dog. He had no bowl or bladder control because he was so scared when he came to us.

Zeus is now a confident and happy and healthy boy. We are happy to tell you that we plays with tons of dogs on a regular basis, and loves to get treats from new people. Zeus is known for the little noises he makes...and everyone who meets him falls in love with him almost immediately.

Zeus LOVES to learn new things especially if there is food involved. He would be a great dog for an active home, someone who wants to learn/does agility, or a companion for someone who hunts.

For more information on adopting one of The Ruff Life PAWS dogs please email Monique at or call 250.550.0390

Update: Zeus was adopted in the Fall of 2012. Here is an update from this new family: 
 The much anticipated info and update on Deuce AKA Juice, Zeus, 2 and so on. We absolutely adore this newest member of our family. The kids say he is wonderful to play with, walk and take to the dog parks. He is my faithful daily companion, a wonderful traveller and can keep up with the best of them with bladder control. Way to go 2!! We couldn't be happier with your work and love for dogs to have brought him from the place he was at. We look forward to our time to reunite you with "noisey" and further grow our bond with him through training. Thanks Monique for being so patient.


(Red Nose Pitbull)

Lex came to us in the summer of 2010.
Yes! This is what he looked like when he showed up with his first owner. (Way to cute) Lex came from a loving family, but due to serious allergies that came up after they got him~ they had to find him a new home. Lex is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever worked with. He is a Red Nose Pit-bull- but I don’t think I have had an easier dog to train--come through The Ruff Life. He really is an angel. Lex (aka. Lexi or Sexy) loves his big brother Kilo. They spend countless hours snuggling.

Lex is a great dog for an active home- or he can also be the mellow cuddly dog that we all know and love.

UPDATE: In October, 2012 Lex finally adopted his Forever Family, it just happened to be the same home as his big brother Kilo! Lex and Kilo have always been inseparable, so it touched our hearts to see them together again!
Lex loves cuddle time, outdoor running with his other two furry companions and helping with the chores around the farm. The little girl in the family has grown extremely attached Lex and they love to watch TV together and play dress up:)  Lex is now apart of a wonderful family, who adore him. 


 (Blue Nose Pit-bull)

Kilo came to us in the Winter of 2009. He came from a very loving family, but had socializing issues~ and was very unsure and scared of new situations, places and a lot of different kinds of dogs. Kilo is our little snuggle bug~ he loves to cuddle under the covers...ALL DAY. Lol. He is known for winning over everyone’s heart and for being the "mascot" for my husband and his dirt bike he LOVES to run with them, when they go on a ride.

Kilo is now a very stable man. He has knows all his obedience commands and loves to snuggle with the other short hair dogs in the family. (Or his humans) He is the perfect house dog!

UPDATE: On April.30th, 2012 Kilo finally adopted his Forever Family. Kilo is already settled in and is winning over everyones heart... as he has always done. Kilo spends his time bringing life back into Bailey's (12 yr old- Chocolate Lab/Pit Bull) days... (Picture below) and cuddling with his humans. The little girl in the family has grown extremely attached to Mr. Lo already... and they don't leave each others side. Kilo is now apart of a wonderful family with a mommy & daddy... two young children, Bailey the family dog, and horses. 



We would like to send out a very big thank you to all of our wonderful clients, for their donations for the rescue dogs!


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Anyone who is interested in adopting one of our dogs will have to go through a screening process. You will also need to sign a non-surrender contract, stating you will not give up your dog- with out contacting us first.

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