Pitbull X Mastiff

Everyone meet Niko. He was born in 2009 and is a Neutered Male Pitbull/Mastiff Cross. He is a VERY handsome man with a lot of love to give. Niko came from a poorly socialized home- although he had lots of love... he was unsure of new situation, men, dogs...etc. He has been progressing with flying colours since he came to us March. 7th, 2012. Niko is a very cuddly man and is happy being active or just cuddling in bed- in the sun beams- or at your feet all day long. Niko has been through obedience training with The Ruff Life and knows all his commands- and can jump through hoops that are 4ft off of the ground. This man is a pleaser!!!

Niko is now good with most people, and most dogs... but in some situations he can still be sensitive and un-sure. Niko will need an experienced handler.

UPDATE: In Feb 2013 Niko was adopted to a lovely couple. Usually when this big handsome man met a new person he was unsure and a bit stand offish. But when this new family came to meet him, he instantly connected with them!! (Something we rarely saw). We knew at that moment that Niko had picked his family! Niko now enjoys running with his new mommy, sniffing out the average, cuddling (of Course!!!) and doing all the outdoorsy stuff that this couple LOVES to do. We are so very happy Niko found his forever home... he has come so far in his short life.


For more pictures please check out this link:

For more information on adopting one of The Ruff Life PAWS dogs please email Monique at or call 250.550.0390


We would like to send out a very big thank you to all of our wonderful clients, for their donations for the rescue dogs!


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  • First Aid Materials
  • Dishes/Leash's/Jackets
  • Crates/Kennels/X-Pen's
  • Dog Toys
  • Blankets/Dog Beds/Sheets
  • Food

Anyone who is interested in adopting one of our dogs will have to go through a screening process. You will also need to sign a non-surrender contract, stating you will not give up your dog- with out contacting us first.

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