(Picture taken by Trail Waggers)

(The German Shepard)

Gucci was surrendered by her owners Winter of 2010. Gucci came from a loving family that lived on a farm. She was displaying aggression towards people, and dogs. Her owners were not able to control the situation, so they decided to find her a more suitable home.
Because Gucci came from a farm she was not socialized to a lot of things, and is still antsy in some situations. Gucci is a very loving soul, very motherly. We are happy with her progress as she is now very comfortable and friendly with all of our daycare & boarding dogs. She will still be with us for a while, to make sure she is as stable as possible.

UPDATE:Gucci is now a very stable girl! She Loves playing with other dogs (which took her 9 months to learn how to play) and loves attention. She is very Keen and is always trying to figure out what your trying to say to her.

UPDATE: In March 2012 Gucci was placed into a very busy household, with a loving family! She did really well for the first little bit she was there, but then started to revert back to a couple of her bad habits. Unfortunately, she was put back up for adoption! 

In September 2012 she was re-homed to wonderful couple who lives up north! Gucci now is someones number one!! ;) Which makes her a very happy pooch. Gucci now spends time on a large acreage and gets to prance around and chase after mice! (What she does best!)

(Picture taken by Trail Waggers)


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